March 6, 2016

Currently: What I'm Planning/ Laughing At/ Reading/ Clicking On

Time: 2:31 pm

Making // I'm in a very Easter-ish frame of mind here today. I made some Easter bunny foam crafts with Eleanor and Juliet on Friday, and then this morning at church I made rooster crafts with the 4th & 5th grade class I'm teaching. (I'm going through a Lenten series with them, adapted from A Sense of the Resurrection.) 25 kids + feathers + glue was maybe not the brightest idea I've ever had... but they enjoyed it!

Reading // We're reading lots of Easter picture books. I think I'm going to buy Emma's Easter this year, we checked out Hop! Hop! from the library, and we own most of the other ones I talked about in this post. As for me, I'm working on Only in Naples for review, and Stars Above for fun. Since Stars Above is a collection of short stories, it's helping me be a little more disciplined. I'm rewarding myself with a short story every time I complete a task on my to-do list. 

Planning // I'm also planning my Easter dinner menu already. We're going to be out of town for a couple of days the week before Easter and I want to have everything lined up and easy, so that I'm not stressed when we get back. I'm thinking that this galette will have to be included for sure.

Clicking On // I thought this library scavenger hunt from Book Riot was really fun. And, speaking of libraries, does your library support this Chrome extension? It might be the best thing ever!

Smiling At // Juliet's book naps never get old. I've listed a bunch of them here, if you want cute pics of a toddler sleeping with books!

Laughing At // The Popcast's latest episode -- where they compare presidential candidates to Lost characters. I was dyyyyying.

Rearranging // I moved tons of furniture around and decluttered this week, making 4 rooms in our house pretty different! I got a little worried when I couldn't find Eleanor at first the other day... till I eventually came upon her reading by flashlight in a newly decluttered closet.

Time: 2:47 pm. And that pretty much sums up life Chez Howard this week! How about you? Anything new and exciting? What are YOU reading?